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The Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank needs your help!

SAAFB has put out a call to action to the local community. Assisting with this call to action is KVOA news, who has highlighted previous SAAFB food drives.

TUCSON (KVOA) - The Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank is asking for your help.

SAAFB has helped over 7,000 Tucson families be able to continue to feed their animals, ensuring no one has to choose between feeding themselves or their pets. As a non-profit the SAAFB depends partly on the local community support to provide resources and services to families in need. SAAFB is always in need and accepting pet food of all kinds. Donations can be dropped off at the donation center, located at 6112 E. Speedway Blvd.

Feeding pets in need is not the only goal of the SAAFB. With the growing need for veterinarian care, especially in smaller and rural areas, they're trying to raise enough money to create a spay and neuter mobile unit to help smaller communities in Southern Arizona. The goal with the mobile clinic would be to reach even more communities and reservations in need.

Read the rest of the article from KVOA HERE!

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