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Ensuring No Southern Arizona Pet is Unfed

Six weeks after opening their storefront, they had already distributed 4,900 of their collected 6,800 pounds of animal food.

The SAAFB team unloads a donation of pet food at the collection center.

“... most requests we got were from elderly individuals living on a fixed income ... and they couldn’t afford to pay for animals ... There were times where they’d have to give up their animals because they were tired of having to make the choice between feeding themselves or their animal,” said Margaux DeConcini.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need for food and other resources as businesses and families struggle with lost income. One Tucson organization is working to ensure that animals aren’t going unfed.

The Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank stores approximately 3,000 pounds of pet food each month and serves around 100 families with it, according to food bank director Donna DeConcini. And those numbers have gone up during the pandemic..."

Read the rest of the article from Tucson Lifestyle HERE!

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